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Mycetoma Research Centre - University of Khartoum

In 1991, The Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) was established under the umbrella of the University of Khartoum. It was set up at Soba University Hospital. Currently, the MRC is recognised globally as a world leader and an authoritative advisor in mycetoma management and research. It is the only WHO Collaborating Centre on Mycetoma.

The centre is dedicated to the continuing discovery and development of scientific knowledge and clinical skills applied to the care of patients for Mycetoma World Free. Its vision is to continue as a world-leading to lead the change in the mycetoma patients quality of life. MRC mission is to eradicate mycetoma, as a life-mutilating disease, through the advancement of medical care, research, education and disease prevention.

The MRC staff members are of medical, health and science backgrounds; they are interested in all facets related to Mycetoma and have good track records in patients’ management, teaching, research and community development. Through clinical and basic research, the MRC has continually explored new approaches to patients’ management.

The MRC has managed around 10,000 patients from Sudan and overseas free of charge. MRC worked with the Federal Ministry of Health to establish a National Mycetoma Control Programme and established two mycetoma satellite centres in mycetoma endemic villages and treated thousands of patients there. Various community development activities were conducted, and patients socioeconomic support and community engagement activities were offered.

MRC has conducted many research projects to close the knowledge gap in the various aspects of mycetoma. It published more than 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals and presently collaborates with 23 international research institutions, NGOs, and highly reputable bodies to improve mycetoma patients’ management, disseminate evidence-based new scientific information, and the capacity building of health care providers.

Visit the Mycetoma Research Centre website - http://mycetoma.edu.sd/


The Medicstudy Foundation. MEDICSTUDY was established in County Galway, Ireland in 2014 as a non-commercial entity to further the professional quality of education, training and research in the devel- oping nations of the world. Under the guidance of a Board of leading international health- care experts, Medicstudy provides individuals, professional bodies and medical institutions with unlimited access to an exclusive online library of high quality still and video, images, illustrations and audio presentations covering an unprecedented range of medical conditions and surgical procedures.

Medicstudy is used extensively by educators, medical students and researchers who want to obtain high quality medical imagery for use in a variety of ways for educational use such as coursework, lectures and teaching packages.

Medicimage is an award winning visual communications agency. It works across all business sectors of the medical, healthcare, science, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, together with leading healthcare PR Agencies, Marketing and Advertising Companies throughout the world.We deliver insider knowledge of the media, idea generation and first class photography, visual consultancy and asset management services. 



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